Roughly speaking, about 50% of our clients have had plastic surgery for men. It’s a huge thing, including GYNECOMASTIA SURGERY (MALE BREAST REDUCTION) and MALE TUMMY TUCK (ABDOMINOPLASTY) SURGERY. These are done at London clinics, as well as abroad. It’s not just the real of female who can’t shift stubborn pockets of fat with diet and exercise. Time, hormones and genetics play a part for us all.

But, it’s not just these procedures, there are other confidence boosting enhancements, that mean men are now more happy to go under the knife. These include, but are not limited to:

Male blepharoplasty surgery

Facelift for men (rhytidectomy)

Brow lift for men

Buccal fat removal (chubby cheeks)

The always popular rhinoplasty or nose job, which has always been popular for sports enthusiasts and fighters alike.

And of course, liposuction for men is always a huge part of any male plastic surgery, such as masculine contour procedures.

How do men feel about plastic surgery for women?

There is no one answer to this question since it can vary drastically depending on a man’s personal feelings and opinions. Some men may view plastic surgery for women as an empowering and necessary step in their personal beauty journey, while others may feel that such procedures are simply unnecessary and intrusive.

Ultimately, most men seem to be open to the idea of superficial surgery for women, provided a qualified professional who understands the male anatomy and is able to provide a safe and effective outcome performs it.

And they have spent years watching women improve their appearance, and thus self confidence. This is why we think that recently, many men have decided to seek male plastic surgery for themselves. There’s no longer the stigma attached that there used to be when patients had e.g. chin implants.

Some facts

According to a 2018 study published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, the number of non essential procedures performed on men has increased by almost 300% in the last decade. Reasons for this increase may include men feeling more comfortable discussing cosmetic procedures, as well as an increased understanding and acceptance of male plastic surgery.

So, while it may not be as popular as some other treatments, such as normal Botox or filler injections, male plastic surgery is still very much in demand and can provide amazing results.

How successful is plastic surgery for men?

While it’s still relatively new, the success rate for male plastic surgery is quite high. In fact, many men report feeling more confident and handsome after undergoing surgery.

If you’re considering plastic surgery for yourself, be in no doubt, it’s an invasive surgery so be sure to speak with a qualified professional who understands the male anatomy and can provide a safe and effective outcome. We have some suggestions on some prominent surgeons ( the best cosmetic clinics in London) who we know have fabulous results with male plastic surgery including liposuction for men, male breast reduction and excess fat removal.

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Following your abscission, whether this be to reduce the size of your breasts with a gynecomastia or another surgical procedure, you may be left with some loose skin. This depends on many factors regarding the composition of your skin. But, we can tighten this for you anything from 3 months post surgery. We will always work with your surgeon to ensure that all signs of tissue swelling are passed and they are happy.

At the same time, if you would like to work on removing wrinkles and fine lines without dermal fillers or Hyaluronic acid, then we can do this too. Plus, this is a pain free treatment to boost your natural collagen and elastin. You’ll have no discomfort.

How to ensure a shorter recovery time

If you’re looking for a shorter recovery time following any kind of male plastic surgery whether that be excess fat removal, liposuction for men or often male breast reduction, then post surgery aftercare is essential.

This comes in the form of MLD (manual lymphatic drainage). It often has massage pegged on the back of that, but the procedure is very different to any kind of massage you will have ever had as the point of MLD is to work with your lymphatic system to speed it up.

This removes toxins faster, which means you heal quicker, and don’t swell as much. Essential if you want to avoid infection and also people in your social circle asking questions!

What can men expect from leading surgeons

Many people assume that the pain will be excruciating. In fact, the feedback we receive is that it involves mild pain at worst. Not bad to reverse the process of ageing.

The situation is improved even more when you have proper aftercare. And whilst patients expect the term massage to be pain on top of pain, the touch is so gentle it becomes soothing as well as healing. And of course transformative.

Even eyelid lifts and jaw/ neck work which typically is more sensitive than spots on the body, defy age with minimal pain.

How does excellent aftercare post operation avoid complications?essential feeling romford essex Central London near Harley Street post op care lipo specialists

We’ve written several full articles on this. But essentially, you’re going in for cosmetic surgery because you want to fall in love with your appearance again.

The way to improve the effects of your operation is to have MLD – manual lymphatic drainage massage. This is a light touch, which pumps the fluid in your lymphatic system around your body at x6 the speed it would naturally. It’s so light that we can go over bruising without it causing pain. This means that the healing properties arrive where they need to get, rather than being backed up in a fluid congestion.

As there is less water under your skin (swelling) you’ll find that your skin can tighten faster, avoiding some sagging and you’ll enjoy tighter contours as your compression garment then works to maximum effect. It also helps to minimise the scars you’ll end up with.

This is how to enhance the visible reshaping work whilst healing from plastic surgery for men.