There are a few methods to for non surgical belly fat removal. One is diet, another is exercise, and another is medication. If you’ve tried these, or you don’t want to, you’re left with surgery. Right?


So what is my other option?

Do you have a little too much belly fat? Are you looking for a non-invasive way to reduce fat and achieve a more contoured appearance? If so, you may be interested in non-surgical belly fat reduction. This article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you.

What is Non-Surgical Belly Fat Reduction?

Radiofrequency, also known as RF therapy, is a non-invasive way to deal with the removal of excess fat from your body. Particularly in this instance around your belly area, but the treatment is by no means limited to this area.

Treatments are relaxing, a simple warming of your skin, while simultaneously getting rid of excess weight around your stomach.

How Does it Work?

The heat that we applied to your skin works down to the dermal layers. This is where your fat cells live. Our procedures use heat energy to weaken the walls of these cells so that some of the fat within the cells seeps out into your lymphatic system. It’s this that makes up your loss of weight and cosmetic improvement.

Once this part of your experience is over, once we destroy the size of the fat cells in the exact location you want to lose belly fat, we then stimulate your lymphatic system to expel this fat.

How is this different to vaser liposuction?

Rf therapy is noninvasive or nonsurgical. There’s no scalpel, we’re not cutting into you and there isn’t a surgeon in sight. You’re not a patient because this isn’t invasive surgery. You’re our client and you may be surprised, but you’ll actually relax during your treatment.

In contrast, vaser liposuction firstly melts fat and then sucks it out with a canula. The process is painful and the healing time is six months ish with you needing a wear a compression garment for between four and six weeks post surgery. They damaged your body during the process and you need to recover. This includes your nerves, so you’ll often find that you’re numb in an area until they heal, at which point you’ll suffer with a tingling and itching sensation.

How is RF therapy different from cool sculpting?

Cool sculpting concentrates on cooling the fat to the temperatures that it freezes and dies. Your therapist will use a handset that they place on your skin, and as much fat as can be sucked into this will freeze. Once it’s frozen, the fat cells die and are expelled through your lymphatic system.

Sounds the same as radio frequency with just cold instead of heat? NOPE!

Pro max lipo heads Lynton's non surgical liposuction radio frequency

RF therapy has a number of handsets to allow complete flexibility

The handset can only work in limited spots; essentially, it’s only possible to target as much tissue as can be sucked into the adaptor. This is fine if you’re looking at your tummy bulges as it’s often easy to attach the handset, but if you’re looking at stubborn spots such as your chin, or love handles, it’s difficult to attach the device. Whereas RF therapy allows your practitioner to freely move over the exact deposits that you want removing.

Plus, RF therapy is also toning your skin at the same time so we can tighten up saggy buttocks skin. Cool sculpting does not do this.

And more importantly, there is a significant recovery time with cooling your fat, and the process is uncomfortable at best. Radio frequency is relaxing, and has literally NO downtime. You can leave and get on with your normal level of activities. The worst that will happen is your skin may be a little red. But this redness only lasts for a few hours (max) afterwards.

So for sure, both systems are about destroying fat, but the effects for people who have had radiofrequency on e.g. their abdomen are way more targeted, non invasive and pleasurable.

What are the Benefits?
  • Liposuction and plastic surgery patients have significant downtime after they’ve had fatty cells remove. RF therapy is exactly none.
  • You can return to regular exercises straight away after we’ve performed RF therapy. We even advise that you go tot he gym within 2 days of your treatment for the best results.
  • You don’t need any after care once you’ve had RF therapy, beyond what is included in our post. If you decide to go for liposuction, you’ll need a significant amount of MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) massages. These generally won’t be included within your surgery package.
  • Radio frequency is a light session that doesn’t impact on your muscle groups. We don’t remove anything beyond what a healthy lifestyle would. We’re simply speeding up your manual process.
  • Unlike lipo, you won’t be left with sagging skin post surgery because radiofrequency also tightens skin by encouraging natural collagen production.
What are the Risks?
  • Unlike laser contouring, this method which removes fat really has limited risks, if any. You may read about the details of these.
  • If you’ve had implants recently, you should let us know. We can work around this or advise on what we feel will give you a solution you’ll love.
  • If you want your chest working, then this needs to be cleared by a surgeon. And we on’t work on an area where you have swelling.

This is in stark contrast to other activities such as fat freezing (cryolipolysis), which, whilst minimally invasive, require a significant amount of recovery time and come with risks, including cellulite production. Yes, production! And results vary.

How Much Does it Cost?

£120 per hour’s session, including a few minutes to get ready. This will be enough time to work on your non surgical belly fat removal. However, you will require a few sesions. Perhaps six and then maintenance, especially if you would also like skin tightening as we lose elasticity with age. This all depends on how your body reacts. This is significantly less than a surgical procedure and, as we’ve mentioned above, requires no downtime.

Within the hour’s session, we may also have time to work in other areas too. For instance, if you have a stubborn bit of fat on your outer thighs or arms, then we could inlcude this within your lipolysis too. Plus, this technology gives you other options too. We can even work on that sagging bit of skin under your chin!

So radio frequency is your ideal therapy for way more than non surgical belly fat removal.

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Non-surgical belly fat reduction is a safe and effective way to reduce excess fat in the midsection. It can help you achieve a more contoured appearance and improve your overall health. And radiofrequency (RF therapy) is a fast and effective way to deal with this. Proven results. It is not a substitute for removing loose skin with corrective surgery such as a tummy tuck. If you’re in any doubt, we can advise based on your particular situation.