How compression garments work for liposuction.

When you’ve had plastic surgery, your surgeon will pack you off with a tight fitting outfit to wear on your body. This is called a compression garment. At this point you know it’s important to wear your compression garments after lipo, but it’s unlikely you’ll understand much more.

We’re not going to lie. Wearing this is uncomfortable. But it’s important for swelling. And body contours. But beyond that, how does wearing a really great post surgery compression garment after lipo — or any surgery — give you better healing results?

Not all compression garments after lipo are made equal

Before we get into the hows and whys of how a good compression bra, for instance, can speed up your recovery, it’s important to understand that not all garments are made equal.

And we mean that literally.

Some ones we see coming in from surgeries done abroad barely have any support. One huge tick box on the road to good healing is a garment which compressors longitudinally AND laterally. We’ve seen ladies wearing arms compression sleeve that just slip on. To fit correctly, it needs to be coaxed on. Not the most comfortable, but the thickness and composition of the material is crucial to you getting the best result from your liposuction procedure.

We genuinely believe that Lipoelastic UK is the best there is. Not only do they produce a wide range of variants, but they really make Lipoelastic UK compression garments with the best research and development at their heart.

1 Material matters

Lipoelastic UK garments are guaranteed not to include any harmful substances. They test input materials in Germany every single year to make sure that their post-operative garments continue to comply with the stringent regulations.

These exclusive materials are then handmade by experienced seamstresses and then inspected before dispatch.

Then, on top of that, you need to understand whether the classic high content elastin microfibres with a natural cooling effect is right for you. And for your stage of healing. Or whether it should be the exclusive rib material which removes the need for double bracing, the unique 3D perforated fabric, or pure cotton.

It’s no shocker that Lipoelastic UK garments feel noticeably snug but soothing, with their flat seams and external tags. It’s not unusual for our patients to want to continue wearing their Lipoelastic UK garments after the time period recommended by their surgeon.

This is because they support in all the right places, whilst at the same time being within the optimal range of sweat transfer. We know, did you even know that existed? Well, it does. Too much or too little and you’re left with wet pits or under breasts. And if you’re wearing a post surgery compression bra and have scars under your breasts, you don’t want this area getting infected. So, this stuff is all important. As is the moisture removal and breathability, all of which Lipoelastic UK compression garments excel in.

Now we’ve covered that off; how do you get the best results from wearing compression garments after lipo?

2 Your garment must fit properly.

We at Essential Feeling, offer a bespoke measuring service (not virtual). This consultation is free for our clients who are visiting us for post surgery aftercare, or at an appointment fee for those just wanting to order a bespoke garment, This price comes off the cost of the garment you order. Text us on 07757 946023

The reason a snug garment is important is that it helps hold everything that was dislodged during your surgery in place. So think about the doctor going in and separating your tissue so he can suck out your fat. Once he’s finished, you want everything to reset in the right place. Plus, the Lipoelastic UK post surgery compression garments are important for your health. Think about the role of compression socks on a long haul flight. It’s life critical to prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. So even if it’s difficult, we do it.

Post surgical garments:

Reduce swelling and bruising by restricting blood vessels

Speeds up your healing and minimises appearance of bruises

Helping form the perfect body contour to enhance your finish

Minimises keloid scars from forming

Reduces pain experience

Do not mess about with cheap compression garments. It’s not worth it.

So, whilst we know getting the correct garment is not cheap, it’s an investment. An investment in your health and getting the correct cosmetic outcome.

Garments with variant fastening (3 rows of hooks and eyes) can be adjusted as post operative swelling reduces, giving you a longer lifespan from your garment.

3 The appearance is important

Lipoelastic UK manufactures a variety of styles and sizes, constructed to facilitate smooth healing and minimal fluid build up.Lipoleastic post surgical bra

But even then, it’s likely that you’ll need a few garments to ensure that as you lose size (ie your swelling goes down) your compression garment continues to fit and doesn’t get wrinkled. This creasing encourages hard fat to build up in the form of lumps that we then have to break down with different manual therapies.

But I have trouble breathing. We hear you cry. I know, we do hear you. We really do. But, when you’ve had surgical procedures, the real skill to a good outcome is aftercare. And this includes a compression garment that maintains maximum pressure in all the right places.

It’s a process, that’s for sure.

But you’re doing this to look beautiful for the rest of your life, right? So, what’s a few more weeks?

4 Monitor fluid build ups.

The downside of being meticulous with your postoperative garment fit is maintaining a flow of fluid. They are often designed so tight that your lymphatic fluid can build up because it can’t flow well under the garment. This is all great, because this is how your tissues can heal faster.

But, it means that you are at risk of getting a seroma (water pocket) if you don’t have regular post surgery massage sessions (MLD) and/ or your special garment is naturally pushing fluid to one area. If this happens we can recommend someone who will drain this excessive fluid. These are best dealt with early though as they can be pretty uncomfortable if not.

5 Wash and dry carefully

You can machine wash these Lycra garments, but they’re synthetic, so to ensure they don’t get lax, there are some things that the manufacturer recommends. So, follow the instructions that come with your initial packaging.

Low degree wash

Natural dry, no tumble dryers

Whilst the fabrics aren’t nylon, if you treat with as much care, you’ll be on the right tracks.

This will maintain the proper integrity of your Lipoelastic UK compression garments so that they fit you snug, and without skin irritation.

Understand the right garment style for your needs.

Lipoelastic UK understands each patient has different needs from their garments, therefore a fitting is critical to ensuring you get the one that is right for you. And know how to wear it. We’re asked so many times if it’s right to have the label on the outside. It is. Because who wants the label grinding down on their skin when they’re already squashed into a tight fitting suit?

Types of garments available are varied, including;

  • Post surgery compression bra, cotton for the greatest comfort and best post-operative care
  • Gynecomastia compression vest or strap
  • Compression garments after lipo
  • Lipoelastic UK kpad for a smooth skin texture
  • Tummy tuck and contouring body binders
  • 3D abdominal vest
  • Arm compression sleeve, also suitable for lymphedema
  • Facial garments to include chin and neck facial rejuvenation and facelifts
  • Lipoelastic UK leggings for legs; some garments include these with the bodysuit

Pretty much, the only surgery there isn’t a compression garment for is reconstructive such as surgery including rhinoplasty and also applies to eyelid surgery. Even breast augmentation and lifts needs a bra. For 10% off at Lipoelastic, type EssentialFeeling in to your basket.

To book either post surgery aftercare package with us, or a measuring for your Lipoelastic UK garment, text Karen on 07757 946023 with your initial enquiry.