One of the major issues we see is hard lumps after liposuction. Especially if you had your surgery abroad, where their post lipo massage is often hard and not conducive to taking away excess fluid. Or, if you haven’t kept up with your MLD directly post surgery.

So when you’re asking does fibrosis after lipo go away, the answer is yes. But, (yes, there’s a but,) the longer you leave it, the more the hard lumps spread into a sheetlike

The hard fat making skin appear plastic like plasticine

Showing how fat can harden if you don’t have MLD soon enough and with enough frequency post surgery

structure under your skin so that all your tissue feels like soap. And this takes longer for us to break down. Essentially, it’s more costly because the treatment is more intense. So, if we’ve got any advice for you, it’s don’t delay, come for your MLD sessions 24 to 48 hours post liposuction surgery and we’ll do the rest.

Now, if you’re asking instead, does fibrosis after lipo go away by itself, again the answer is yes. But, it’s not unusual for this to take up to four years. There is research to this effect, we’re not making it up. So, it’s down to you to decide if you want to live for this amount of time being so uncomfortable and immobile. WIsh you’d not asked, how long does fibrosis last after liposuction?, now!

One word of caution, is that this hardening restricts your range of motion. It also makes it harder for the blood to flow. This is important for several reasons. Your blood is your body’s way of delivering the nutrients to your cells. So, without this, it’s not as easy for you to remain healthy.

Layered on top of this, when you can’t move with the same flexibility as you did before, your lymphatic system isn’t working optimally. As it’s this that removes waste, and this fibrosis is waste, you can see it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.

The third issue is also that when you don’t move, say for instance, the hardening around your stomach stops you twisting so your back becomes stiff, you not only suffer with nerve pain, but you also risk issues such as osteoarthritis kicking in as your joints aren’t as supple.

So, is the question really about an uneven stomach after liposuction, or is it more, how to heal faster after abdominal surgery?

When we’re talking about how to get rid of hardness after lipo, you see it’s a big health issue as much, if not more than, the aesthetics.

Now, ideally like we said, we want to avoid an uneven stomach after liposuction and we do that by giving you manual lymphatic drainage within 48 hours of you having surgery — it’s light and relaxing it doesn’t hurt.

If we start that early, then the chances of you suffering with fibrosis is reduced. It could still happen, but it won’t be anywhere near as bad. If you’re asking are hard lumps normal after liposuction?, then yes they are if you don’t look after yourself with the correct aftercare massage.

Now, if you have it, let’s have a look at how to massage fibrosis after lipo.

You need deep tissue at this point. It’s nowhere near as pleasant as MLD which is super relaxing. But we are where we are.

If you’re doing it yourself, you need to be careful not to crush your lymphatic system by constantly being ‘at it’. Choose one or two times a day when you are massaging lumps after liposuction. Leave enough time between these sessions for your lymphatic system to spring back up again.

In these sessions that you’re looking to reverse fibrosis, you grab the lump between a finger and thumb and put pressure on it. Not too much, not too little. Your therapist should be able to show this to you so you don’t do damage. And this is how to get rid of fibrosis after liposuction.

If your fibrosis has progressed beyond a few lumps, you now want to know how to get rid of hardness after lipo.

This again is a balancing act between not destroying the effectiveness of your lymphatic vessels, whilst at the same time using enough pressure to stretch and break down the fibrosis. It depends where it is, but a good way is to normally place a hand lightly on the skin and pull it in different directions.

Quick fire Q&A

  • Does fibrosis after lipo go away by itself? Yes, but it takes years.
  • What does fibrosis feel like after liposuction? Like lumps under your skin.
  • How do you get rid of lumps after liposuction? Our best advice is to avoid them by getting regular MLD massages. We’re in Central London and Essex.
  • Can you get rid of fibrosis after lipo? Yes, with deep tissue massage.
  • Will lumps after liposuction go away? Yes they will, but it’ll happen quicker with a knowledgeable therapist.
  • How do you get rid of lumps after liposuction? Massage them between your thumb and finger.
  • Why do i have lumps after liposuction? When you have vaser lipo, they melt the fat. What they leave has to cool and congeal.
  • How long do lumps last after lipo? It can take years. With therapy early on, you might not even get them and your healing process will all be way more pleasant too.