When you’ve had surgery and you’re looking for lymphatic drainage massage Colchester, then it’s best to think about accessibility as well as distance. And then factor in the experience of the therapists who are visiting. This is because the MLD massage can make all the difference to your finished result.

Here’s why you should take the quick trip down the A12 from Colchester to visit us just by Gallows Corner, Romford.

  • Essential Feeling are easy to get to. Just one minute’s drive from the A12, we’re around 45 minutes drive from this side of the city.
  • We are experienced not only in lymphatic drainage massage but also in everything associated with aftercare when you’ve had surgery, including liposuction
  • Having worked with many of the best surgeons in London and abroad for years, we are knowledgeable in your healing process.
  • We know what is normal, what looks like an infection.
  • If you have issues such as seroma, we can pass you onto someone to take care of you
  • Post surgery healing isn’t just about finding lymphatic drainage massage near me, it’s about making sure you heal properly. The faster you heal, the fewer complications you’ll have. And we can see you through this process.
  • You’ll get whatever therapy you need as you pass through your wound healing journey. For instance, if you get fibrosis (Hard lumps) or a soapy texture to the tissue under your skin, we know how to sort this out. If you’re just looking for lymphatic drainage massage Colchester, the chances are your therapist won’t be able to help you as effectively.
  • If your tissue sticks together, then we sort that out for you, too.

These are all different techniques and because we’re experienced in dealing with post surgery aftercare, not just lymphatic massage, we can be there for you.

We’re also the official bespoke measuring service for Lipoelastic UKLyntons pro max lipo ultrasonic cavitation skin tightening rf machine. This means we are more than able to help you ensure that you have the right garment in terms of quality and fit. Because this will make the difference between a good and poor result from your vaser liposuction.

People are often looking for lymphatic drainage massage near me mobile. We don’t run a mobile service, unfortunately. This is for several reasons.

  1. First, we’re so busy we simply can’t split ourselves in two in order to see all of our clients. There is an argument that we could employ someone else to go mobile, but here’s the second reason, which is really important too. We have everything we need to hand when we see you.
  2. It might be the first time that you need us to change your dressings for you. We can do this on site in our specialist treatment rooms. Towards the end of your sessions, you may need us to use one of our state-of-the-art machines to tighten your skin, get rid of any stubborn fat lumps, or break down fibrosis. We have all of this equipment to hand in Romford, Essex.

It’s just not practical for us to go out and about.