Navigating the Road to Recovery: Lipo 360 and Beyond

1. Understand the lipo 360 procedure

If you’re looking to enhance your body’s curves and contours, the lipo 360 procedure is an excellent option. It’s a minimally invasive treatment that can help sculpt and shape the body, providing beautiful results.

360 liposuction can target and contour areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs. They designed the procedure to be safe and effective, with minimal downtime for recovery. But there are definite lipo healing stages and the timeline post surgery is anything up to six months. That said, you’ll be up and about within a few days. After that, it’s the lipo 360 recovery day by day that will bring you the cosmetic results you desire.

During the procedure, a small incision is made and a thin tube, called a cannula, is inserted. The cannula is used to remove excess fat from the treatment areas. The results are typically visible immediately after the procedure and continue to improve over several weeks. The lipo 360 procedure is an excellent way to achieve the body you’ve always wanted and help you look and feel your best. But lipo 360 recovery timeline will speed up if you take your aftercare seriously just look at Kerry Katona.

2. Consider the potential risks of lipo 360

Considering the potential risks of lipo 360 is a serious matter. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of fat from various areas of the body to achieve a more sculpted and toned physique. Lipo 360 is a technique that involves the removal of fat from the abdomen, waist, back, and hips to achieve a 360-degree contoured look. This technique has its advantages, but it also carries certain risks.

For starters, liposuction carries some potential risks, including infection, bleeding, and nerve or tissue damage. Lipo 360 comes with the added risk of uneven fat removal. If fat is removed unevenly, it can lead to an unflattering, unnatural look. That’s why choosing an excellent surgeon is important, especially if you’re travelling abroad. And using an experienced tour provider such as Surgery Savior is crucial. That way you have support when you’re out of your comfort zone.

When you arrive home, the same aftercare support is critical to getting top-notch results and avoiding infections and a hard/ lumpy finish. That’s where we come in at Essential Feeling, Romford, Essex and Central London.

3. Follow the post-operative instructions

It is important to follow the post-operative instructions for lipo 360 in order to ensure a successful recovery and optimal results. Patients should plan to follow the instructions carefully and not to deviate from the instructions provided. After lipo 360, patients should keep their incisions clean and dry, take medications as prescribed by the surgeon, and wear good fitting and good quality (both are equally important) compression garments as instructed during the first several weeks of recovery. If you’d like 10% off a lipoelastic then enter EssentialFeeling at basket. We really believe they are the best and worth the investment as a good garment will make the difference in how many aftercare massages you need – and we do want you to heal as fast as possible.

Patients should also avoid strenuous activities like heavy lifting and exercise, but stretching is great. For instance, if you’ve had arm surgery, it’s a good idea to lift your arms above your head while you lay on your back and leave your forearms hanging over the edge. Leaving them that way for 3 to 5 minutes several times a day can help tissue stay soft, improve lymph drainage (the waste that comes from healing) and minimise the range of motion issues that come from tight fascia (see below).

It’s also a great idea not to submerge the treated areas in water during the healing period as this slows down the speed at which your wounds heal. Many patients want to get in a jacuzzi after lipo 360, but think about what your surgeon did. They went in and separated tissues away from each other. One of the purposes of a great compression garment, such as Lipoelastic, is to make sure when everything sets back again, it’s in the right place. Jiggling this about with water jets doesn’t help! For 10% off at Lipoelastic, use code ‘EssentialFeeling’ at basket.

If you have surgery in the UK you’ll more than likely attend face to face follow-up appointments with your surgeon. This is your place for any questions and concerns.

When you have surgery abroad, this isn’t always the case, although some surgeons are great, but it’s not face to face as you come home, often after three to five days.

So, what do you do? 

4. Utilise recovery aids

We haven’t discussed MLD massage. Some places will give these when you’re away, others don’t. They are critical to great recovery and great for how to smooth out stomach after liposuction.

Straight after surgery, ideally within 24 hours, get one. If you’re wondering how painful is lipo recovery, then relax. This will help you. And bonus points; it’s a light and gentle touch which eases swelling and makes way for more blood flow to get in and heal the area. They are also incredibly relaxing.

But this isn’t the whole story in your lipo recovery timeline.

Half way through MLD post lipo massage on legs and thighs

Notice the difference between the appearance of the leg on the right which has had deep oscillation for lymphatic drainage vs the one on the left which hasn’t

As we’ve alluded to before, many complications can arise, and finding someone, like us, who specialises in aftercare, including MLD, is brilliant because we can pick up anything that doesn’t look ‘normal’. We can watch your liposuction recovery day by day if needed and because we know your body and if an area is healing, we can also pick up if there may be some infection or necrosis setting in.

We don’t take over from your doctor, but we advise you when to contact them and when all is running along as it should.

But also, you’ll need specific stretches at different points. We discussed arms earlier because I’m conscious you’re reading this because you’ve had lipo 360. I don’t want to advise you without seeing you. But there will be times when you want to stretch out your stomach, your sides and your back. This will release tight fascia. This is a clear cling film like membrane which hardens when you don’t move. It’s purpose is to hold all our organs and tissues where they should be so they don’t float around. So when you’re just out of surgery and not moving, plus you’re wearing a compression garment, our fascia becomes confused and we need to sort this out.

If you’re asking how to get rid of a hard stomach after lipo, there will be points when you need some deep tissue work to break down fibrosis and fat lumps. And if you don’t stretch enough or in the right places for long enough, then it’s likely you’ll need some myofascial release.

Everything needs to be tailored to your body and your recovery process. But don’t scrimp on using specialists because in the long run this is what will get you the great results you’re looking for.

The hard fat making skin appear plastic like plasticine

Showing how fat can harden if you don’t have MLD soon enough and with enough frequency post surgery

No-one wants to go in for this surgery, and then end up with unsightly lumps and/ or skin that is stuck down so tight that it looks like plasticine.

5. You’re wondering how long is a lipo recovery. Be patient and trust the process!

This is our biggest piece of advice when considering lipo recovery stages. If you’re doing all the above, then relax. It’s natural to think that your surgeon didn’t take enough fatty tissue and not really believe the lipo 360 recovery timeline.

You’ll also be pulling at yourself and asking how long does it take for skin to reattach after liposuction.

It’s also natural to think your flanks won’t go down when everything else settles and wonder about. And it’s natural to second guess every step of the way. But, honestly, there are genuine lipo recovery stages and the flanks are in there as the slow coach.

If you can fight this natural anxiety and trust the experts’ process, you’ll be a much happier bunny. And then you don’t nee to ask how long does it take to recover from lipo 360? It’ll happen!

To contact us about post surgery aftercare in Romford, Essex and Central London, text us on 0044 7757 946023.