Looking for non surgical body contouring near me? Based in Essex or Central London?

Then stop, you’ve found professionals who specialise in non surgical body contouring.

We have places in both Central London and in Romford, Essex. We do MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) in each. We’re that good, we even work with surgeons from around the world, including London’s Harley Street to help their patients heal after surgery.

What’s the similarity between helping patients heal and non surgical body contouring we hear you cry.

Both use manual lymphatic drainage massage to lightly stimulate your lymphatic system, which is your body’s waste mechanism. This is not only non invasive, but it’s also incredibly relaxing because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system.

All whilst speeding up the part of your body that detoxes you by pushing the fluid which contains your body’s waste out of your body up to six times faster than it would without MLD. Once we start using our awesome radio frequency machines then you’re on to a whole different ball game.

How long does non surgical body contouring last?

Half way through MLD post lipo massage on legs and thighs

Notice the difference between the appearance of the leg on the right which has had deep oscillation for lymphatic drainage vs the one on the left which hasn’t

It depends on your body and how much you an process. Our post surgery patients tend to have a one hour max appointment, but if we’re really working you in depth before a big event such as a red carpet or shoot, then we have worked on clients for 2.5 hours at a time. It all depends on what you need and how far you would like us to go with your treatment.

If we use manual lymphatic drainage and some Brazilian lymph drainage techniques, then this will last a few days. It’s great if you have an event to attend and want to look your best. Our radiofrequency machine, ultrasonic cavitation and lymphatic drainage will last longer as they actually allow your body to remove fat from within your fat cells via your lymphatic system. Combine this with the awesome effects of Lemon Bottle fat dissolving and you will see results the next day which then continue over time.

Is non surgical body contouring safe?Promax lipo machine used by Essential Feeling Romford, Essex for fat reduction, BMI, skin tightening RF therapy

Not ony is the non surgical body contouring that we do by way of MLD safe, it is actually great for your health. This is because it channels the waste out of your body, so you not only look healthier and more lean, but you are also carrying less toxins around with you. You’ll not only look lighter, but you’ll feel it too. You’ll have more energy too!

If we use RF therapy for skin tightening and removing pockets of fat with ultrasonic caviation we can do this in Essex. Again this is safe, you can read about this in our post.

How much does non surgical body contouring cost?

It depends whether you come to see us in Central London or Romford in Essex. We have different overheads and therefore different charges in each. It also depends which methods we use for your body contouring as different machines also have different overheads.

You can book online, and you’ll also see our prices. But, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, text us on 07757 946023.