Body tightening is a non surgical collagen repair treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten loose skin resulting in an effective sculpting outcome. Your therapist will use a specialist device recommended by Harley Clinics and the NHS to stimulate your body into the production of additional collagen. This has the effect of tightening skin on areas such as your neck, face and jowels or abdomen. And what’s better, there are minimal if no side effects.

If you have pockets of fat, then we can deal with this via a combination of Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving injections along with radio frequency. Ask us about this, along with skin tightening too if you want.

Body contouring with radiofrequency RF therapy to remove hard lumps of fat after lipo

Each session lasts a short time, around 40 minutes depending on the size of the area you would like to be worked and then you will probably experience a little reddening in the area you’ve had treated for the rest of that day. And then, patients report they are back to normal, with immediate results visible. There’s no need for medicine.

Body tightening with RF therapy is good for most clients

But in particular, it’s great if you’re starting to see the first signs of aging. This is where this non invasive treatment really comes into its own. Without the need for surgery, it’s possible to see smoother, tighter skin simply from this state of the art heat technology.

If you’ve lost weight suddenly either through surgery such as a tummy tuck then this is something that we also treat. The radiofrequency delves to the deeper layers of tissue called the dermis which stimulates our body to produce collagen. As this collagen is the key to our youthful appearance, using targeted treatments on these tissues results in almost immediate results.

Typically, RF therapy body tightening will help issues with:

What can I do to improve my body tightening results?

Radiofrequency treatments offer an exciting opportunity to achieve firmer, tighter skin. To optimise the results, consider the valuable support of essential vitamin injections. Vitamin C injections play a central role in rejuvenating collagen synthesis, promoting skin elasticity, and protecting against premature aging. When combined with radiofrequency, vitamin C injections aid in tightening loose or sagging skin, revealing a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Additionally, vitamin B injections, especially vitamin B12 and B complex, contribute to improved skin health by enhancing cell regeneration and promoting collagen synthesis. This multi-faceted approach helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, supporting healthier, more resilient skin during the body tightening journey with radiofrequency.

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