Finding reputable MLD Southend isn’t that easy, that’s why Southend based post surgery patients visit us in Romford, Essex. We’re not only experts in manual lymphatic drainage massage and post surgery care but we’re also perfectly situated for Southend based patients. We’re just off Gallows Corner, so the journey is only a quick trip down the A127. And our long opening hours, 7 days a week, mean that it’s easy for you to book an appointment when the traffic is at its lightest.

How does MLD help patients post surgery?MLD benefits & why you need it Karen Central London near Harley Street & Essex

There’s a number of post surgery benefits to lymph drainage after you’ve had a procedure. These range from reducing the risk of infection to taking down swelling and even improving the finish of cosmetic surgery procedures such as vaser liposuction or tummy tuck.

But, in addition, there are other benefits that you may not initially think of. By using MLD techniques, we can improve your movements. If you’re not so stiff because your joints and body in general aren’t filled with fluid, then you are free to move around more. This particularly applies to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Why do I need MLD Southend?

When we become aged, we don’t move around so much. The same is true post-traumatic surgery. And whilst there are drugs to remove swelling, these only work if the swelling comes because your kidneys aren’t working properly. If their function is fine, then it doesn’t matter what a doctor provides, you’ll find you still suffer with swollen limbs. Often you’ll suffer most at the extremities, such as wrists and lower legs and ankles.

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) that we provide assists the lymphatic system that run in lines around your body. There is no pump, and so they work best when we have movement, which is why age and any trauma which prevents us from moving around free can hinder functioning.

Starting to stimulate your lymph nodes, and vessels with a special but gentle pumping is a great way for your body to output excess water retention. Often when we have an influx, our system can’t cope with the fluid that our body produces for the healing properties to swim to the site of infection or trauma, such as operation.

The issue is that the lymphatic system, which also includes your spleen and thymus, is independent of any kind of pump. So if you look at the circulatory system, which is a similar setup, this has the heart to pump. But your lymphatic has nothing like this governing it.

How do you do MLD?

We have heard from our clients that many MLD specialists around the Southend area will either use normal or deep massage pressure, while others use oil. This isn’t how MLD should be done.

It is a really light pressure to stimulate the local area just underneath your skin. This is where your lymphatic system runs. Any harder and you crush the lymphatic vessels.

Likewise, if we use oil, then we can’t get the grip that the pumping needs in order to stretch the skin in the correct direction towards the relevant drainage points and stimulate lymphatic flow.

We also have two machines that can help to rectify any issues you may suffer post surgery. One is cavitation and the other is deep oscillation. Each has their own part to play in getting rid of hard fatty parts post surgery, and tightening skin that is sagging after your fat has been removed.

You also have the option to include vitamin injections during your session, which we provide at a significant discount when scheduled concurrently with your MLD massage.

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