When you search for a consultant at a Harley Street Clinic, you take your time. You search their track record, read reviews and patient feedback and consider how expert they are in their services. But, do you ever consider what happens after you’ve been to the Harley Street Clinic, you’ve had your surgery and you’re in the recovery process?

Then what?

Your healing will often depend on great aftercare, but it’s shocking how many people we have come to us whose plastic surgeons just don’t even consider this.

We work with consultants who recommend us, not because they get a kickback from us, there’s nothing in it for them when they recommend us. Other than their patients get the absolute best after care.

Why is visiting a Harley Street Clinic not enough on its own?

When you go for any kind of health care, if you’re visiting Harley Street then the chances are that you’re going in for a range of medical services that are important.

You’ll attend a consultation, possibly with a few clinics whilst you interview them and find a team that you feel comfortable handling your treatment. Then you’ll find a specialist who you’re happy with, whether that be for cosmetic procedures, or dealing with other health concerns.

But being at ease in their hands, and listening to their confidence in their comprehensive range of treatments they can achieve is only the edge of the iceberg. The very start if you like.

For the optimal outcome of any surgery, you need to cross the road and invest in experienced and specialist aftercare. Leaving the surgery and expecting your body to naturally cope in such a way that cutting into your skin unexpectedly is a simple healing process can affect your outcome.

Here’s the issue.MLD benefits & why you need it Karen Central London near Harley Street & Essex

When you have a surgery, it’s unexpected to your body. So it reacts in shock mode. And then whilst it sends healing properties to the spot where you’ve had the incision, you can’t just leave it at that. Because our lymphatic system which heals, is overloaded.

We need to move this fluid along faster than the body would naturally expel it.

Benefits of post surgery care

This gives us a wide range of benefits from a boosted immune system, a better finish to scar tissue, and faster healing. These types of issues are standard, but we also can avoid infections. Of course you need to wash the site with antibacterial soaps, but we access the deeper layers and facilitate your body in being extremely efficient in natural healing because we ensure that fluid from swelling doesn’t hang around for one minute longer than necessary. And this constant movement of lymphatic fluid helps you heal so that your skincare is way easier down the road.

You also have the option to include vitamin injections and red light therapy during your session, which we provide at a significant discount when scheduled alongside your MLD massage.

What are the closest stations to Harley Street Clinic?

The closest stations are Bond Street and Oxford Circus stations. But, we’re just down the road, our closest station is several tube lines, we’re just two minutes walk. And there’s also easy parking if you decide to get a taxi.

Do you run an offer for clients?

Yes, we do. If you’re thinking of seeing us in Central London near Harley Street, or in Essex, we do a discount for six treatments paid for up front. You don’t need to book these straight away, we prefer to book you in on a rolling basis so we can adjust your follow up care according to how you are healing.

How do I book in?

To book an appointment, then feel free to call or text us on 07757 946023. We’d love to hear from you and always love to advise you on how we can improve your holistic health.