Harley Street is a street in Marylebone, central London, which has been known for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery since the 19th century.Dr Gary Horn Harley Body Clinic Plastic surgeon lipo Named after Thomas Harley, mayor of London in 1767, today Harley Street is part of the Howard de Walden Estate.. The number of doctors, hospitals and medical organisations on and around Harley Street has exploded since the 19th century. Records show that there were about 20 doctors in 1860, 80 in 1900 and nearly 200 in 1914.

When the National Health Service began in 1948, there were about 1,500.

Today, over 3,000 people work in Harley Street, clinics, medical and paramedical offices and hospitals such as Dr. Gabriela Clinic, Harley Street Clinic, Hifu Skin Clinic, Medical Express Clinic, Harly Medical Foot and Nail Clinic, Harley Street Fertility Clinic, Sonoworld Diagnostic Services, London Women’s Hospital and London Clinic, Harley Street Life Coaching.

These are besides the proliferation of leading cosmetic surgeons based on London’s Harley Street, including those prestigious practises that we are affiliated with. Consultants on Harley Street are typically experienced and considered leaders in their field.

They speculated that they initially attracted doctors to the development of raw houses and central proximity to the primary stations of Paddington, King’s Cross, St Pancras, Euston and later Marylebone. The nearest tube stations are Regent’s Park, Great Portland Street and Oxford Circus. Harley Street has also appeared in many movies and television shows.

Do you only offer your personalised after-care services to Harley Street Clinics?

No, we work with clinics all over the world, from Turkey cosmetic surgeons, to those who have used a service such as SerenaCosmetic.com down to other clinics in the UK. And this includes having a really close relationship with London’s Knightsbridge clinics such as Hans Place.

We work with patients who have sedation or local anaesthetic most often post plastic surgery.

What conditions do you specialise in?

We heal patients who have had invasive surgery, to working with and even offering minimally invasive treatments ourselves. For instance, we see male and female clients who have undergone aesthetics work such as professional clinical core sculpting or etching. Those who have had enhancement surgery including breast augmentation and genitals down to cancer care. We can even use reflexology to assist with neuropathy.

The class of operations can also vary widely from replacement hips or knees, to keyhole surgery. Obviously besides cosmetic surgery.

How do you work?

When a patient comes to us for our bespoke aftercare treatment, we meet regularly. The frequency changes by client, and their surgical healing. We use our experience after careful examination to suggest a respective treatment plan which will often combine a wide variety of medical treatments. This could even include dietary solutions and manipulation therapy.

Our Central London location is just a few minutes’ walk from the Harley Street Clinics and a mere one-minute stroll from Baker Street tube station, offering utmost convenience.

We have specialist equipment besides our physical therapy.

We have invested in machines to help your healing. One uses sound technology to stimulate your lymphatic system and break down stubborn fat cells. It works a little like sending a Shockwave to the district, without you feeling the pain.

The other is a radiofrequency and cavitation machine which uses an exclusive mhz to disrupt the cellular formation of your fat cells and to minimise stubborn fat cells whilst tightening your skin with a laser like effect, although, once again, there is no pain as this uses radiofrequency. It’s effective after sudden weight loss.

Both are highly effective, and we’ve seen staff using these in foreign clinics whilst filming the results. The internal imaging of your lymphatic fluid speeding up is incredible.

Consultants regard the breadth of these enhancements to your aftercare as being the top level of knowledge that sets us apart as a reason for excellence in post surgery aftercare. That’s why we’re top rated on Google for both Essex and Central London clinics.

You will always meet one of two dedicated and trained professionals within our team. We also own the business and as such we care wholeheartedly about the therapies we provide to our clients. It is this caring attitude that has led to our excellent reviews on Google, but also to us developing our expertise in the field of body and skin care with a comprehensive specialism in many post-operative care. We particularly enjoy the aftercare following aesthetic surgery.

What role does complementary medicine have in a cosmetic surgery treatment plan?

If you’ve had vaser liposuction for instance, you will swell afterwards. Part of this is the anaesthetic that they pump into you, but part of it is your body using the fluid to pump all the healing properties to the area of injury. The range of healing nutrients that your body can share is limited to the amount of fresh fluid it can keep pumping to the site. But where your body is overloaded, it can’t expel the fluid fast enough to allow your body to heal at the rate it needs. You could refer to this solution as manipulation and naturopathy.

By using gentle pumping motions during your MLD appointment, we can move this fluid along faster thus improving your rate of recovery. And also, minimising your risk of infection. Therefore, we act as aftercare assistants and Harley Street surgeons request you come to us for follow up post surgery. Those patients who have had MLD performed end up with a better finish and faster healing. And it’s this knowledge about holistic therapy that is recognised by the best Harley Street Medical Consultants.

What we don’t do.
  • We don’t work with gynaecology
  • Whilst we specialise in spinal reflexology, we don’t have disc imaging
How do I book?

To book your post surgery aftercare session, call or text us on 07757 946023 and let us know:

  • What surgery you have had
  • When you had it
  • Where you had your operation
  • Whether you would like your after care in central London or Romford, Essex