There are so many people right now looking for jaw Botox, chin Botox or Botox for jowls. It’s a popular way to tighten our face. But the downside is that it needs constant maintenance and only deals with a small area at a time. This means there’s recurring financial and time costs in upkeep.

But did you know there is an effective alternative that is also cheaper?

Let’s first head this off by saying we’re not talking about the Botox that is used for muscle pain such as that caused by TMJ. We can help with this with our specialist massage, but this isn’t what this post is about.

We’re talking about those of us who are looking for injections not for grinding teeth, but for aesthetic purposes such as jaw Botox, chin Botox or Botox for jowls. What would you say if we told you we can tighten your skin naturally with no fillers, not an injection in sight and with a procedure that is also relaxing?

We start with a face massage, which includes buccal massage which is great for those sagging jowls. But then there’s another layer.

We’re a provider for Lynton’s lasers. They’re a state-of-the-art medical provider working with the NHS. Your treatment involves a gentle heating of the skin around your jaw, neck, and jowls. Your qualified practitioner heats the area to a point where your body sends collagen and elastin to the area as it thinks that it’s about to be injured — we’ve all pulled our hand away from heat, right? Our body naturally does the same thing within our skin.

This tightens our skin that is long lasting. Once the collagen is in situ, it doesn’t disappear — we simply continue to age from this new benchmark. Essentially, this is permanent, but obviously in line with the natural ageing process.

The end results is that your jaw, jowls and chin are tighter, more youthful and treatments result in your skin tone also being better as it tightens.Facial skin tightening radiofrequency radio frequency RF therapy non invasive face lit

There are medical reasons that Botox helps to ease joint pain from clenching, tension, and tight muscles. Once again, this isn’t what we’re talking about here. We’re giving you a non-invasive way to look younger and have a more defined jaw and lower part of your face without surgery or Botox injections.

Effects of jaw Botox, chin Botox or Botox for jowls typically last for a few months. With the cosmetic procedure that we’re talking about, radiofrequency, you need your first set of treatments every fourteen days.

But after this total of six sessions that we recommend initially, you can avoid the pain of making regular appointments and just come along whenever you feel you would like maintenance.

Benefits of radiofrequency over Botox

  1. It’s relaxing, no pain, not a needle in sight. You walk out feeling you’ve had a facial.
  2. No side effects or post session symptoms. In fact you can get right on with your day, wear make up etc afterwards and relax knowing that your lines will gradually fade. We’re not injecting any toxins in your face. Radiofrequency is harnessing your body’s natural healing process. With a tighter jaw and less sagging jowls, smoother smile, comes the appearance of a slimmer face.
  3. Our machine is recommended and used by the NHS
  4. You have options as to where we work. You’re not bound by the tiny areas that an injection covers. We can work your entire lower face and neck in one hour’s session. And there’s none of the pains associated with jaw Botox, chin Botox or Botox for jowls.
  5. This is a non invasive and quick procedure. You hear that. Non invasive. Not minimally or anything, e.g. partly, wrapped up in suitably convoluted wording. You can expect to arrive, have an hour’s session during which you’ll relax with a warm facial type session and then leave with instantly tighter looking skin that will continue to happen over time.Afterwards you just continue with your daily activities. No downtime.This nonsurgical procedure will improve your smile with a noticeable reduction in the lines around your face within weeks. With none of the hardening, your face will continue to move as though the years have been wiped away. All we’re doing is just tightening your skin without any surgery that cosmetic surgeon’s patients endure when having a face lift.Seriously, we struggle to think of any risks. We’ve written some aftercare notes that you’ll get when you book, but there’s not much on there other than being sensible for the few hours following your session if you want to see the best wrinkles reduction.There’s no swelling post procedure.

We’re a professional service, fully trained by the manufacturer and have been treating our patients in our clinic for over ten years. We have not only a qualification but also an excellent understanding of anatomy and physiology, which we apply to all our patients.

If your condition is severe, then we may advise you to see a cosmetic surgeon. We can recommend a few who are excellent and will give you a better result than either jaw Botox, chin Botox or Botox for jowls or the radiofrequency that we offer. This will be reported to you and the reasons why we don’t think we can reduce your permanent sagging in line with your expectations. And also why we think surgical procedures may be your advised route.

The costs are way more accessible than you would think. We charge a set rate of £120 per hour. You’d be amazed at how much we can do within that time. And when you have repeated sessions, the results are dramatic. But natural looking and in terms of no toxins being injected.

Why does skin age over time?

We we get older, our skin, as with all of our body parts, gets worn. This means it weakens, and therefore we get this sagging. You’ll see a range of exercises on YouTube etc if you’re having difficulty with skin that has become over relaxed! But which of you participants out there are going to do them? We’re not, that’s for sure, so no judgement from us!

The solution we’re offering you is linked to countless research studies that determine an improvement in the sites that we target. The machine we use is not only safe, but it’s so safe that it’s used by the national healthcare provider in the UK. There’s one study after another with training units attributed.

Where are you?

We’re located in Gidea Park, near Romford, Essex. We have free off street parking. To book or enquire, call or text us on 07757 946023.