We’ve all used sports therapists, but here are a few things that you may not know about what goes on under the surface.

Professional sport injury therapy is something your sports therapists at Essential Feeling live and breathe. When you do exercise, it’s normal, if you don’t warm up properly, to get a range of injuries. These need sports rehabilitation.

But what lies beneath the team who fix you?

1. International qualifications

Your sports therapist, Charlie, is qualified for ITEC standard. This means that his certification is equivalent to and recognised in 33 countries as well as the UK. These include Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Charlton Botha ITEC level 3 certificate in massage from 2010And this level of training isn’t just basic academic skills, it’s practical and theoretic. In order to qualify to do your treatment, our sports therapists had to complete hours of manual therapy in a clinical environment. And then we must regularly update our skill sets. This gives us the grounding to assess your musculoskeletal needs with tried and tested methods that we’ve learned in the classroom and further developed postgraduate.

Then on top of this we are qualified to advanced deep tissue massage level.

2. Personal practice

We care so much about our clients and patients. Because Essential Feeling, Romford, Essex and latterly, Central London near Harley Street is our baby. We’re a private practice; you will only ever get treatment from Karen or Charlie. You can read our staff profile. We won’t promise you the earth and then farm you out to our staff, as they do in many health clubs and other establishments where the service you receive may be more amateur.

Essential Feeling is our lifeblood, and we’ll give you a personal service. We remember our clients, many who we haven’t seen for years. But we warned, we also remember the sports injury prevention aftercare advice we offer you!

Odd as it sounds, we don’t want you to come back every week for treatment when you don’t need it. Chiropractors have a bad name in the industry for doing this with patients, but we believe that the key to a successful business is being trustworthy. We’d rather treat you when you need it, fix you and have you recommend us to your friends and on Google.

You’ll also notice when you book with us that you have an hour’s slot. This is what your fees cover. Our costs are based on the people you book for an hour, not the range of treatments you end up needing to fix you.

An hour is our minimum time because we believe if we are going to fix your sports injury, whether or not it’s common, then we need time to warm up your muscles and tissues before we start any deep work. This is different to a physiotherapist who will only work the area directly affected, not the connecting tissues.

We’ll also be happy to advise you if we can’t help with issues such as joint dysfunction. We won’t take your money for the sake of it.

3. Knowledge to adapt our techniques

Your healthcare needs will change depending on your injury, the sport you play and how you injured yourself doing, and your unique physiology.

So, for instance, you come in with a knee injury.

But you were playing football, and another person was playing golf. You both continued to finish the game you were playing at the time of your injury.

But, the way football affects your knee is very different to the twisting involved in golf. As if you’re playing rugby, you’ll have different impact injuries. And so the way you present will require your practitioners to use different techniques.

Now, you come in with your same knee injury, but this time the other person stops and walks off the pitch when they hurt themselves, whilst you still continue your match. The wear and tear will be worse on your knee than on your colleagues.

However, athlete’s body’s respond different to an amateur. They develop their muscles to optimum levels and so even if they are more senior, the initial physiological effect their muscle will have prepared their body for sporting movement. And so whilst they more be more finely tuned, the way they respond to relevant techniques from sports therapists will be different to a non-athlete.

We understand this and can support you. You’ll have an initial assessment through a form and practical programme at every session so that we can gain a critical understanding of not only your health but also sport psychology. And your therapist can work with different techniques based on how they assess injuries.

This may involve deep tissue massage options, myofascial release, or manual lymphatic drainage. Plus often specialist tuition on how to achieve and maintain the best results and rehabilitation programmes. As well as improve your overall development, potential to succeed and sports performance. Very often, your management of your bodies is just as important as the work of your sports therapists.

4. Two great locations

We’ve always been local to Romford, based just off the Gallows Corner intersection of the A127 and A12. But, as we have a lot of patients referred to us from doctors and surgeons on Harley Street and Knightsbridge, we have recently opened a base in Central London near Harley Street.

However, our sports therapists are only based in Romford. This is where we can best provide the application of your physical therapy. So if you’re looking for sports injury clinics in Romford, Essex, then please book online or text us on 07757 946023 if you have questions about your treatment plan.

5. Specialist equipmentDeep oscillation facial facelift info

In the same way that we invested in our training when we first started Essential Feeling, over ten years on, we’re still investing in the best.

We have the absolute top of the range of specialist equipment in the field. Check out our deep oscillation therapy that is used by England’s leading athletic teams. This helps to heal damaged tissue to encourage blood flow whilst you maintain your exercise principles. If you have swelling, our sports therapists can also help your body remove this so you heal faster, are in less pain and you can continue to improve your health and fitness.

To book, contact us by text on 07757 946023