manual lymphatic drainage

What is a manual lymphatic drainage massage?

It’s a full body treatment which is very gentle, hence why it’s perfect when you’re feeling low or tender. When your body is working optimally, the lymphatic fluid should drain into fine tubes which sit just under the skin. Your therapist at Essential Feeling will move the fluid without impacting deep tissue, hence why it is such a gentle session.

The massage technique is a light, gentle upward and/ or circular stroke to encourage the fluid to flow around the vessels as it is meant. You need to be careful when selecting your therapist because not everyone is qualified in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and it’s easy to move the fluid in the wrong direction creating more of a problem than a solution.

Essential Feeling are not only qualified in MLD but they’re experienced and often work with consultants to ensure that clients receive the exact treatment plan their doctor requires.

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