So many clients dismiss London cosmetic surgery without even looking into it properly, because they think it will be more expensive than going abroad to places such as Turkey for treatment.

But, when you have plastic surgery, the clue is in the name. It is a surgical procedure. Regardless of whether this is reconstructive, e.g. breast implant after cancer treatment, or aesthetic such as vaser liposuction, essentially based on improving your appearance. Both involve invasive procedures where a surgeon uses some form of anaesthetic.

And no matter how highly trained a doctor is, ponder these points.MLD benefits & why you need it Karen Central London near Harley Street & Essex
  1. Consultation. When you select a London cosmetic surgery clinic, they can do your consultation in person. It’s usual for you to have an initial video call in covid times, but following that, your surgeon can look and get hands on your skin before you pay. Skilled doctors, such as Dr Horn and Dr Commis, will see you and discuss a range of options with you before you book your treatments. There’s less room for error and for confusion. We’ve seen patients return from procedures abroad having had the wrong areas lipo’d. And by then it’s too late. They’ve paid and there’s no one who speaks English properly and the consultation notes are non-existent.
  2. London cosmetic surgery clinics have strict codes of conduct, so we prioritise your health over your appearance at all times. Whilst this may not be your ideal scenario, e.g. if you want a BBL, then we understand, but we’ve seen horror stories from unregulated surgeries where a patient has lost function. Likewise, it won’t be until it’s too late that you spot your operating theatre hasn’t benefited from copious amounts of cleaning. This won’t be an issue in London cosmetic surgery theatre.
  3. During treatments themselves at a London cosmetic surgery, a team of English-speaking, caring nursing staff can inform and calm you. Never underestimate the power of someone being there to compassionately hold your hand during a fat reduction that you’re awake for. Or to let you know how the surgery went as soon as you come around following reconstruction.
  4. When you’ve had surgery, your body will need specialist after care. This comes as manual lymphatic drainage techniques that all surgeons recommend within a maximum of three days following your surgical appointment. Having a specialist like us, who speaks your language, is experienced and works to the highest standard in tandem with London cosmetic surgery clinics, can make all the difference between a significant result and something that needs further repair later. We avoid you getting uneven feel to your skin, unsightly lumps and can help to lift sagging skin and advise on skincare. Whilst many doctors abroad will offer these, their standards are hideously varied, often creating more inflammation and setting patient’s recovery backwards by the time they get to us. Or, many, shockingly, don’t even have anyone to provide this service for you. We can also provide you with vitamin injections to speed up your wound healing, red light therapy which also aids tissue repair. And many other options that you don’t tend to get when you travel abroad.
  1. Flying may be an exciting experience. It’s easy to think about this experience romantically, heading off to tie your tummy tuck in with a holiday in the sun. Perhaps you may even have some of this. But don’t underestimate how extremely damaging flying can be to your healing process. Specialists on Harley Street and Knightsbridge, London, recommend that you don’t fly following your procedure for a reason. The lower cabin air pressure and your natural inactivity means will often trigger lymphodoema, which is swelling in your limbs. You’re already swollen post surgery therefore you need MLD to help your healing process, so adding more in to the mix does nothing to ease your road to recovery.

If after this you still have every confidence and are happy in your approach; and are still looking at going abroad then great. We’re not saying there aren’t some leading specialists in the weight and body transformation field out there. But we want you to be informed in your decisions.

Costs of London Cosmetic Surgery v’s going abroad

Next, let’s look at the myth about costs. Obviously, all London cosmetic surgery clinics have their own prices. There can be a wide difference and getting a quote from one isn’t necessarily representative of the level you could pay. This is because specialists each have their own area of expertise and so what may take minutes for one may be longer for another. It’s important to get several quotes, literally leaving one London cosmetic surgery clinic and going to cross the road could give you an entirely different price.

Plus, you will have a deeper rapport with your surgeon in the UK as your follow-up appointments will be carried out by them. This has the ability of boosted confidence, as you can ask open questions and get an honest answer. Your doctor and their team will communicate with you properly and so answers will be in layers, covering off everything rather than a stilted yes or no. This is great if you have any concern, we can answer fully everything.

There may well be a price attached to all of this, but taking our five points above into account, then let’s break down some top level pricing considerations.
  1. You have to pay for a flight. Say you go EasyJet, think about how much legroom this will give you. Would you be better upgrading to a more expensive flight so you can better get comfortable on your way back and that will give you more legroom?
  2. Hotels need to be paid for. Some places do a package, but others leave you to book your own accommodation. Is this included in the price? If not, how much are hotels and taxi fare?
  3. If you’re not staying at the clinic, what happens if something goes wrong? Is there a nurses’ station? Do you need to pay extra for call outs? When you book with us, you have an open line of communication and we will advise you when you need to seek either NHS or advice from your surgeon. You’re free to use this whenever you need.
  4. Following a flight, patients regularly end up needing more lymphatic drainage appointments when they are back in the UK.

Personally, if this were me, regardless of where I live in the UK, I would have my surgery from one of the many respected surgeons around the capital. If I live outside of London, I’d use the flight price to invest in this local surgery and if needs be, book a cheap air bnb in London for the few weeks following surgery. This means I can get my follow-up appointments done easily and I have access to the leading post surgery aftercare specialists such as ourselves. I’ll need fewer of these MLD appointments. I’m near a cost effective tube line that is more that accessible for me to use post surgery and I can use these savings to offset against a reliable surgeon who often has fewer complications. Trust us, we’ve seen some horror stories.

If you’ve already had your surgery and are looking for someone experienced in giving you the best possible finish, who speaks English and is convenient, in both central London and Essex, then please call or text us today on 07757 946023