When you’re searching for the cosmetic surgery clinic in London or Essex, you’re probably looking for plastic surgery procedures. Essential Feeling are affiliated with several leading surgeons in the UK and are registered as their professional approved aftercare provider.

That said, we’re not aware of any in either London or Essex specifically named the cosmetic surgery clinic. However, there are a few with similar names and here is some information on each.

The Plastic Surgery Group

Dr Dan Marsh is probably the best known of the surgeons at PSG (Plastic Surgery Group). He works alongside Mo Akhavani who is also a well-respected plastic surgeon. We have seen their work over several years during the after care of our clients and this is we are happy to say we have just been taken onto their books of recommended post surgery aftercare providers in both London and Essex.

The quality of the surgical finishes we have seen post procedure have been outstanding and we would have no hesitation in recommending any of our patients to them for surgical work.

The team there have done some amazing work on male clients in particular breast reduction, Gynaecomastia. Frankly, as a man one risk before we even start with the procedure is that it’s daunting to walk into a place. So if we can recommend one then hopefully this will help.

What we particularly like about the plastic surgery group is their commitment to aftercare. They won’t take a new client on for a service if, in their initial consultation they don’t agree to a minimum of ten manual lymphatic massage treatments on their body post surgery. This is more than the usual six and to us it shows their depth of understanding of how the body heals post surgery which is incredibly important to how the patients move forward without complications.

Harley Body Clinic

Another excellent clinic that you may get confused with the cosmetic surgery clinic is the Harley Body Clinic. Situated just a stone’s throw from PSG, The Harley Body Clinic have two first class plastic surgeons with both experience and training. Specialising in vaser liposuction, you’ll discover an honesty when you meet the team here. They will tell you if they don’t think you will get the results you’re looking for. And will even actively advise you against surgery.

This kind of honesty might not be what you want to hear at the time, but to us it signals a highly ethical team. They’ll tell you if your augmentation is unsafe, or not realistic. They’ll manage your expectations before performing surgery so you have no nasty surprises when you get out. And they will only take out the right amount of fat in any one go so that you don’t end up with too much sagging skin.

If you do go ahead, you can elect whether to have your surgery with local anaesthetic to keep the cost down. This isn’t something that all clinics provide and it can mean the difference to some patients to being able to afford to have treatment.

We also love that this clinic prioritises your recovery. In your post surgery check ups they will know straight away if you haven’t been having your manual lymphatic drainage sessions and will tell you what action you now need to take. As an aside a lot of cosmetic surgery clinics requires you to have this regular physical aftercare with us because this is how they maintain their standards. We’ll come to this below.

Hans Place

Hans Place are the third excellent plastic surgeon. His hospitals and clinics are, as you would expect, on Hans Place, London. Again Doctor Mike Comins is someone whose work we have admired repeatedly for his lack of complications and neat finish. He is also ruthless with his patients about aftercare, which is understandable as your result is his reputation.Dr Mike Comins Hans Place Practice Knightsbridge

When you’ve finished with him, if, for example, you’ve had vaser liposuction, then your weight will be where you want it to be, but you will also look good with your clothes off. Not something that we can say for some of the botched jobs patients come to us with when they’ve been for surgery from clinics other than these we’ve listed.He was also one of the first to pioneer non invasive contouring in the UK and does dermal fillers. A doctor who isn’t obsessed with putting you under the knife, but on giving you the best results for the least possible downtime.

We’ve seen some pretty excellent results from Dr Comins on removing fat and size from face and neck areas. Not the easiest of procedures.


So if you’re looking for the cosmetic surgery clinic in London, you could do worse than contact these three as a starting point. They are not an exclusive list by any means, but they are the plastic surgery clinics that we work with. Not because we’re being paid, we are not. But because our reputation is tied into theirs and so we won’t just work in close association with anyone. And the same goes for them.

If you have had surgery recently, or are planning to have it, and would like to book your aftercare in with us now to secure your best possible results, then call or text us on 07757 946023 today. We’re in Essex and Central London. It’s fine to book your sessions in prior to your surgery just to be organised. We advise the same as these talented doctors that we have mentioned, as soon as you can post surgery, within three days.

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