Benefits of using the ProMax Lipo RF skin therapy & MLD Massage post surgery

Manual lymphatic drainage is part one of a two-part treatment protocol combined with RF skin therapy, is an essential part of recovery period post surgery. This moves the fluid that the body generates because of the trauma of surgery. This is because of the buildup of lymphatic fluids during a surgery, which can create swelling. RF Skin therapy then tightens loose skin, if you’re left with any.

Incidentally, the fluid itself is a good thing, as this is what we use to move healing products to the site of the wound. The issues arise when we’re not moving or drinking enough water to move this along once it’s delivered its goodness to the site.

Manually massaging the area can stimulate the lymph nodes to help drain this fluid to reduce this swelling and speed up recovery. MLD moves this used up fluid on, a little like shunting along a broken down tube from the tunnel so the rest of the trains may continue to run.

Once this excess fluid has moved along, we’re often left with loose skin where it has stretched. Laxity decreases with age, and so treatments which reduce our size can then have a knock on effect of leaving us with sagging, loose and old looking skin because of this lack of collagen. We may also find that our wrinkles actually increase.

This isn’t ideal.

By utilising the ProMax Lipo’s multipolar radiofrequency and vacuum massage handpiece we can perform this lymphatic massage with improved efficiency, plus with some additional added benefits!

Skin layers during RF skin therapy showing dermis, collagen and fat

How does RF skin tightening work?

While performing lymphatic massage with our specialist machine (which is used by the NHS by the way), the in built vacuum within the handpiece will pull the area up into the handpiece whilst the operator physically moves and manipulates the treatment area. This additional pulling from the vacuum means that they greatly improved the efficacy of the treatment over traditional manual massage.

Besides this, the Multipolar Radiofrequency causes water molecules within the skin to vibrate, causing deep heating. This heating causes minimal thermal damage to the inside of the cells, which then kick starts your body’s fibroblast activity, massively boosting collagen and elastin production, which all aid in the wound healing response, as well as tightening the skin.

The combination of this deep heating and vacuum massage also boosts circulation and blood flow to the area, which brings more oxygenated blood into the area to help improve the wound healing response. We then help this to heal fast with a red light therapy which is administered at the same time.

It all sounds great, but there are a lot of big words there, right?

How skin deteriorates with age in terms of collagen and elastin production

Let’s delve into what they mean.

*Multipolar radiofrequency

Multipolar radio frequency is a non-invasive thermal energy treatment of the skin (without needles). Heat stimulates collagen deep in the skin and over time causes a contraction and new formation of collagen. This results in firmer, firmer and younger looking skin.

Multipolar RF skin therapy uses high-frequency energy (so no needles), which causes water molecules in its tissues to twist and vibrate. This movement causes friction, which creates heat in very specific places deep in the skin.

This heat subsequently creates a focused wound healing reaction, which begins after the first session and repairs over the next four months.

Heat and red light reorients collagen in your skin and regenerates it to replace aging and sagging skin with more fresh and youthful skin. Multipolar RF usually tightens, softens and contours your skin from the inside out, which also rejuvenates the firmness and texture of your skin.

  • Multipolar radiofrequency (RF skin therapy) can reduce wrinkles scar acinar crow’s feet
  • Minimise pores for forehead lines, laughter lines, upper and lower lip, neck, sagging double chin.

It is safe. Multipolar radio frequency is also a painless treatment when performed correctly, which is why it is increasingly popular. Slight redness may occur occasionally, but it is very unlikely to cause genuine pain. The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing, with a warm and painless feeling. This treatment is a non-surgical procedure it is non-invasive and there should be no downtime after treatment.

*Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage treatment is therapeutic because it combines vacuum suction, which lifts the skin with rolling massage. This double approach to your healing process has shown evidence in clinical studies of targeting cellulite. But how it does this is interesting because it uses the considerable health benefits of lymphatic drainage to boost circulation. By assisting your natural detoxification process, you not only look healthier, but feel more healthy too.

*Fibroblast activity

When we have some tissue injury, our body creates fibroblasts and sends them off to our site of injury in lymphatic fluid, as we discussed earlier. A fibroblast is the dominant type of connective tissues cell. It makes collagen and mixing it with an extracellular matrix to rebuild healthy tissues after trauma. These fibroblasts are an important part of wound healing because they deposit new collagen, which facilitates our healing process.


We find collagen in our bones, muscles, skin and tendons. It’s the most abundant protein in our body because it’s like scaffolding that holds the distinct elements of our body together. So when we lose collagen in our skin, it becomes more saggy.

There are two types of collagen, exogenous which is naturally produced by the body and the type that we’re working with when we use rf skin therapy technology because this is the type that repairs tissue and so assists with reinvention. There is also another type called endogenous collagen which you can get from supplements and links to several health problems.


This is another protein that does much the same as collagen within the skin. Take a look at the diagram to explain this further. It’s like one is the support structure and the other the padding. You need enough of both to have young looking skin and to be able to improve the elasticity of your skin. This is why radiofrequency skin application works to increase both of these important proteins.

Combine this with iPRF (Similar to the vampire facial) to further tighten your skin with your body’s own fibrins contained in your blood, and you’ll be looking amazing in a few hours. Especially when you have red light therapy too. This comes at a massively discounted price when you book it at the same time as another session with us so don’t let the prices you see elsewhere stop you getting your best possible finish.

If you combine RF skin treatment with vitamin injections, this can further enhance your outcome, this isn’t to say you must have them, but we like to give you the option so you can make your own decisions. Note that the posts focus on wound healing, but remember this is the process we are trying to simulate internally when we administer radiofrequency skin tightening.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

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