Good news! You don’t need to go in for painful lipo surgery if you want to remove fat from your neck and tighten sagging skin. Body contouring is possible on your neck with our state-of-the-art radio frequency machine that is so safe it’s even used by the NHS.

If you have crepe skin that comes with sun damage and age, then we can also deal with that via our groundbreaking art microneedling and electroporation equipment.

How does body contouring neck work?

The skin tightening treatment stimulates your body into eliminating the fat out of your body through your lymphatic system with none surgical treatments.

We would advise if you have fat that you want removing, to start with Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections and then have the radiofrequency and cavitation combined with these.

We do this by applying a warming heat during your procedures, which helps to break down the fat cells. A gentle vibration then shakes these fat cells up, which means they’re more able to fit into your lymph vessels. This is how they exit the body via lymph nodes.

The best part about this non surgical lipo is that not only is it pain free, has zero downtime, you don’t need ANY recovery time and instant results. Yes, it’s that fast. But the heat also stimulates the production of collagen fibres and elastin, which simultaneously has a skin tightening effect.

All this with no surgeon to go near you with his knife or traditional liposuction tools.

Where can you work with this machine?

Facial skin tightening radiofrequency radio frequency RF therapy non invasive face lit

We can work anywhere on your body except over gland in your chest and arms. Now in the instance of your face and neck, we can treat multiple areas including:

  • conquers stubborn double chin fat
  • tightens loose skin and wrinkles
  • it will smooth cellulite if you have that showing in your neck area, and the same for your face around your jowls
  • improving the appearance of moderate signs of aging where we naturally lose elasticity (for deeper wrinkle removal and scars check out our EPN procedures)

How does it reduce fat?

So, like we said, we apply a moderate heat through our specialist advanced applicator. This is a nonsurgical method and works into the deeper layers of your skin; the dermal layer.

Whilst processing the heat hits your fat layer, which is how we dissolve fat without having to pierce your skin or add any chemical or compounds, including the manmade substance called deoxycholic acid, which is not natural and thus could cause complications.

Whilst there will inevitably always be an exception to the rule, this radiofrequency is a safe procedure with a minimal risk of complications. It helps that this isn’t an invasive treatment.

Essentially, the whole system destroys fat cells, although this sounds way more violent than the actual procedure. It’s a relaxing and pleasant session even though fat cells are destroyed and removed.

How will I feel afterwards?

Like we say, there’s no local anesthesia needed for this chin fat reduction, and zero downtime so you can immediately resume normal activities, but we do warm your skin.

Part of the body’s healing response to this temperature change is to push blood to the site that we’re heating. So you will be pink afterwards. But no more red than if you have just had a quick run and this mild redness goes down quickly. This is a fast and effective body contouring therapy for your neck.

Common side effects also include warming of the skin. It’s best to use some sun protection directly afterwards too to be on the safe side, read all about aftercare.

Is there anything I need to do after my body contouring neck session?

There are several things that may be recommended for optimal results. For instance, drinking water speeds up your lymphatic system. And exercise does the same. So while these procedures may require them for your best treatment outcomes, they are not mandatory.

A point of interest is that poor posture can also affect you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Is this like ultrasound skin tightening?

No. We can do that for you, the ultrasound energy will remove water retention from under your skin and the leave you with less sagging. This isn’t a procedure involving any heat, instead the pulsed vibration works by developing a flow of excess fluid toward your lymph drainage system.

Just a note too. This isn’t radiation. It’s just heat, so it’s considered safe.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Any person may come for this, but you’ll have better visible results if your conditions are mild. In our experience, the more fat you have to remove, the more sessions you’ll need.

In terms of skin laxity, we improve faster elasticity in darker and/ or younger skin tones. But, I’m almost 50 and fair and it works amazingly to tighten skin and stimulate the production of elastin whilst removing stubborn fat pockets.

Also, if you have a typically healthy lifestyle and diet this always helps your cosmetic outcomes. It involves your body working at a faster rate and therefore metabolising the fat out of your system with more speed.

There are some medical conditions which mean this may not be the ideal session for you.

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll see instant results following your body contouring options, but in the weeks or months following, you’ll also continue to see results improve. It can take up to 3 months to see the final results. You will more than likely need more than one session a few weeks apart.

If you combine this with lemon bottle fat dissolving too, then results will be next day and continue over time.



Can I also use this for weight loss?

Yes, you can, although if you have a lot of weight to lose, then you may be better having plastic surgery. In this case, we can recommend some aesthetic surgeons with great track records who will be able to help you reach your goals.

Is this proven to work on body contouring neck?

Four physicists developed this machine in the UK. They have conducted their own research and also looked at studies from other scientists. This is a proven and well respected way to remove your double chins. It’s all there in more than one study!

Are you a qualified provider?

Yes, we are. And experienced. So much so that reputable plastic surgeons in London’s Knightsbridge refer their patients to use for aftercare using this machine.

How to book

Text us on 07757 946023 to book in our Romford location.