Lipo massage is otherwise known as lymphatic massage (manual lymphatic drainage, MLD). Its purpose is to improve the results of your cosmetic surgery and liposuction procedures, and speed up the rate at which you heal. In turn, this means that you minimise the chances of infection and post surgery complications.

Essential Feeling are lipo massage specialists working with the best cosmetic surgeons in London and from abroad. We work out of Romford, Essex where we have free parking right outside the treatment rooms. And also from Central London near Harley Street, Central London, just three minutes’ walk from several tube lines tube station.

Straight after lipo

When you’ve had cosmetic surgery, vaser liposuction, etc, you can’t wait to reveal your new self. However, your stomach/thigh is swollen and injured and you are in pain. You may not yet see the difference and this can be frustrating.

If you had a surgical facelift, your face may feel vulnerable and still be injured and swollen. Perhaps you feel like it’s even more fat than before your surgery. This is where MLD (lipo massage) can help and is often prescribed by surgeons for surgery before and after cosmetic surgery and liposuction, to ensure that their patients get the best results from their procedure and see the results as soon as possible.

MLD is widely used in European hospitals and recommended by London’s best cosmetic clinics. They recognise it worldwide as a major tool in the treatment of lymphedema. And that’s why many doctors use this to help healing and reduce the appearance of swelling post surgery.

We could tie this in with Red Light Therapy a NASA based technology proven to help speed up healing.

You also have other options. For instance, vitamin injections after liposuction are a great way for you to feel better faster, but also to improve the way your skin and tissue heal in the critical weeks following liposuction.

How can MLD help after surgery?

post lipo massage mld london romford essex before after

Notice the flow of the sideline pre and post lipo massage and deep oscillation

After these procedures, discomfort, swelling and bruising often occur, and surgery may interrupt lymph flow, which may cause reduced scarring, fibrosis (scar tissue, dimples, irregular skin) and the possibility of developing seromas (pockets of serous fluid otherwise called toxins).

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) relieves pressure on the lymphatic system, restores normal skin texture, definition and tone, and reduces swelling and bruising. When several procedures are performed at the same time (liposuction, mammoplasty and abdominoplasty), MLD is even more important in combating swelling and removing connective tissue hardness.

Post Lipo Massage

However, at Essential Feeling, we don’t just specialise in MLD. We specialist in Post Lipo Massage. Depending on your healing needs. We know how to combine manual lymph drainage with other healing techniques so that you get exactly what your body needs at the time to give you your best possible outcomes. There is a short-term benefit of improving the appearance of your surgery, but also longer term healing benefits too from regular lymphatic massages.

Deep oscillation

Half way through MLD post lipo massage on legs and thighs

Notice the difference between the appearance of the leg on the right, which has had deep oscillation for lymphatic drainage vs. the one on the left, which hasn’t

Deep oscillation is like MLD on steroids. We have a specialist professional machine which stimulates your lymph liquids (water retention) to flow out of your body faster than would be possible normally. It also helps to break down some stubborn fibrosis which may set in a few weeks into your healing programme.

Cavitation and radio frequency

We can also combine cavitation and radio frequency with a machine based lymphatic stimulation, which is helpful if you have some real stubborn spots which need excessive help to break down fatty deposits which often clump together post surgery.

This machine can also help with gentle elastin and collagen production, which firms loose skin after regular plastic surgery technique and getting rid of small pockets of resistant fat which may remain post surgery. It’s a great way to firm and therefore improve the end results, so you don’t suffer with sagging skin, which may often occur after sudden weight loss.

This is a state-of-the-art machine which is backed by extensive clinical studies.

Deep tissue massage

We’re advanced deep tissue massage therapists, and there are several points during your treatment plan where this may become useful. Do not confuse this with Brazilian lymphatic massage, this is not the same and is not suitable for post surgery patients. This style creates more inflammation and fibrosis complications than it solves.

Wearing compression garments means your body doesn’t move so much, which can also be an issue for your mobility post surgery.

However, deep tissue massage can also be appropriate for breaking down the fibrosis of fatty lymph fluids.

Myofascial release

When you don’t move as much as our body is meat to, whether this is from physical exercise, or simply just day-to-day movement, we seize up. This is why you stretch in the morning when you haven’t been mobile at night whilst asleep.

We know how to massage your body so that your fascia releases. This allows your muscles to loosen and your tissues to receive more blood, which speeds up your healing.

Have you ever thought about turning this on its head?

People have different tissue. Some people have soft fat and connective tissues and others are more firm. If your fat is soft when pressed, this will be easy for the surgeon to work through when you’re having your liposuction procedure. However, the more firm connective tissue types are more difficult for the surgeon to work through with their cannula and this leads to more bruising and a longer recovery – the surgeon has to do more damage to reach the fat to suck out.

You could have myofascial release before your surgery to help the surgeon on his way, and thus improve the speed you heal after your surgery because your surgeon won’t have to do you so much damage when you’re at his table. Have one or two sessions in the weeks before your liposuction operation.

Does deep tissue massage have the same effect as MLD?

It would be easy to think that a deep tissue massage would be useful, especially for reducing hardness after liposuction, but it actually increases circulation and blood flow to the treated areas, making it difficult to evacuate lymphatic fluid and making the problem worse.

So, whilst each treatment method has a place in your treatment plan, this is about more than just giving you relief from swelling and reducing the circumference of your body areas. In every appointment, we need to select each therapy at exactly the right time in your healing journey. And this is where you need a specialist in the way we are at Essential Feeling.

MLD is the only treatment that positively activates the lymphatic system to eliminate the accumulation of waste products and old blood cells in the tissue, thus reducing swelling, bruising and tissue hardness which some of you may experience. It is also very gentle and painless, allowing your therapist to work directly on or very close to the areas where the procedure has been performed to maximise the effect.

How many MLD sessions should I have?

This depends on the surgeon’s recommendations, but where we work with the best in the industry both in London’s Harley street and Knightsbridge and abroad in places such as Turkey and the USA.

Their recommendation is for a minimum of six, often up to 12 treatments after surgery for liposuction and possibly more for other types of surgery.

Why do I need to have MLD before surgery?

Ideally, patients should receive at least one treatment for MLD 24 to 48 hours before surgery, and surgeons may recommend it again. This prepares and cleanses skin tissue from impurities, providing the surgeon with clean, healthy tissue to work with, reduces the risk of infection and speeds up the healing process.

Scientifically proven benefits of MLD by research

abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation or reduction, breast reconstruction, facelift, other facial treatment such as chin lipo, brow lift, fat injections (Brazilian lift), liposuction including vaser.

Is there anything else I can do to make sure I get the most from my surgery and lipo massage?

Gentle physical activity, we will advise our clients throughout their treatment plan, what and how to go about this.

There are some diet adjustments which will mean you get the most from your lipo.

Does this help cellulite?

Not as such, but we can use one machine we have along with another, our EPN pen to get rid of the cottage cheese effect to give a smoother shaping to the surface of your skin.

Will this help me prepare for IVF and improve my fertility?

Our RF cavitation machine will help you lose localised body fat percentage so you are more acceptable to IVF clinics. It is always more effective when done with a healthy lifestyle. Not so much because, e.g. a good diet helps you to shed unwanted excess weight. We all know that, but more because if you eat clean, your body can process the stubborn fats we release with the treatment easier. And thus it is then more effective.

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